About Us

Our Strategies:

We would design a set of delivery strategy that optimizes real time and reduces waiting time while at the same time not compromising on our avowed culture of excellence by:

  • Ensuring that we not only meet but possibly exceed every of our clients expectations in all our engagements.
  • Maintaining dedicated full time professionals.
  • Reducing exposure to systems problems by using proven solutions at all times.
  • Maintaining our facilities and resources at their full service capabilities.
  • Maintaining a competitive price.
  • Training and retraining our personnel to ensure that our people are different from others around us.

At Certified Systems Limited, we bring our whole heart to professionalism required to serve organizations.

Our mission is to use our highly motivated technically skilled personnel and state of the art technology to pursue the fulfillment of the emerging ICT needs of all men and organizations in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region through public courses/seminars, value-added in-house solutions, computer sales, services and training tailored to the specific requirements of the client organization. This we must do will all sense of honesty and in a socially responsible manner.

We have evolved a unique blend of techniques, professionals and management expertise to meet even changing needs of our clients. As solution providers, we focus on quality and functionality of our courses and services to users and management. Our dedicated professionals reflect what is best in continual learning.

They have an understanding for what organization need to cope with the challenges and uncertainties of the changing ICT environment. We have been helping organization to derive maximum benefit from the wholesome investment on ICT.

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